Apr 13, 2023

Linear Graphs

by Masahiro Ito

"What Photograph is".

This question has always been asked like an incantation when discussing "photographs”.
Many of the responses have attempted to decipher the meaning and uses of photography, its role, and sensory phenomena such as human emotions and thoughts, through the images that are represented in the form of photographs.

Many people still believe that a "photograph" is an image obtained by "shooting" with a camera.
However, the subject of a photograph doesn’t belong to the photographer; it is the algorithm implemented in the camera that plays an essential role in the photograph.
This means that the collection of information shown on the display or monitor is perceived as a "photo".
That is, I believe that as long as an image data format that can be recognized by a computer or other processing device can be generated in some way, it "becomes" a photograph.

I merely select the algorithm to be used according to the theme or concept I wish to express.
Therefore, while algorithms are absolute in the process of generating photographs, there is no reason why they must be algorithms in my motivation to produce them.
However, since I have generated numerous "photographic" works by constructing and implementing the algorithm itself, I can say that the algorithm is like a partner with whom I share production.

By creating and presenting absolute photographic works, I continue to pursue the possibility of expression as a photograph, "what can be done with a photograph" and "what makes a photograph".

Linear Graphs







Masahiro Ito

Masahiro Ito

Artist / Programmer

Born in Shiga Pref., Japan in 1983.

B.S. in Department of Earth Sciences School of Science, Okayama University, Japan

Diploma (Japan). in Photography, Nippon Photography Institute, Japan

M.F.A. in Art Environment, Art, Kyoto University of The Arts Graduate School (Correspondence), Japan

I began my artistic activities, focusing mainly on photographs since I was a student at a photography technical school.

In addition to creating and presenting my artwork, I also work as a programmer.

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